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The Evils of Smoking part 2

Smoking is also harmful to the human mind and its power to reason. An obvious demonstration of this is that one who is addicted to it passes through periods of severe craving, making it hard for him to think, concentrate, solve a problem, or do any important matter, until he smokes.

His digestive system is also affected, causing him frequent nervousness and trembling of the hands. He passes through periods of excitability and he becomes an insomniac.

Therefore, instead of being the slave of Allah, a smoker becomes a slave to his cigarette. The faculty of reason, clear and unobstructed, is one of Allah’s great bounties on people. Allah Ta’ala has praised it in numerous places of the Qura’an; and He called on people to use it to see the truth and obey Him in a better way. Allah wants of the believer to be strong and capable of controlling the reigns of his desires. He has stated:
‘Allah wants to let you into His mercy, whereas those who follow the desires want you to drift far away (from the right path).’
(An-Nisa 4:27)

A smoker also emits his poison in the faces of his companions, wife, children, and the environment. It is a well-established fact that passive smoking is almost as dangerous as first-hand. Thus, whether they like it or not, a smoker’s associates are forced to inhale the smoke and be inflicted with this poison as well.

In addition to the poison normally carried in the smoke, if a smoker has a contagious disease, such as tuberculosis or influenza, his exhaled smoke and coughing will also carry the disease to those around him.
Furthermore, a smoker regularly irritates people by the foul smell and poisonous nature of his smoking. If they suffer from asthma or allergies, they are forced to move away from his vicinity. The Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam said: Anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day should not hurt his neighbour. 

Thus, smoking constitutes a definite harm to other people; this is prohibited, as was indicated in the Hadith cited earlier. Also, a smoker is certainly a bad companion to sit with, as is depicted in the following Hadith:
Verily, the example of a good companion and a bad one is like that of a perfume merchant and a blacksmith: As for the perfume merchant, he would either grant you (some perfume), or you would buy (some perfume) from him, or (in the least) you would get a good smell from him. And as for the blower of the bellows (ironsmith), you would either get a foul odour from him, or he would burn your clothes. 
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
A smoker wastes his wealth on that which harms and has no benefit; he will be asked about his wealth and how he spent it, as has been cited in the Hadith earlier. His wealth belongs to Allah, so how would he dare to waste it in disobedience to Him Allah Ta’ala states(what means): ‘And do not entrust to the imprudent ones the possessions that Allah has placed in your charge.’
(An-Nisa 4:5)

And do not waste (your resources) extravagantly. Indeed the squanderers are the brethren of the devils.’ 
(Al-lsra’ 17:26-27)

And the Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam said: Allah hates for you three things: gossiping, begging, and wasting money. 
(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Furthermore, there are numerous cases of carpets, furniture, and even complete houses and establishments burning down due to this disastrous vice. Smoking is a form of moral decadence. It is spread mostly among the low-class, immoral people. It reflects blind imitation of the Kuffar and non-pious Muslims. It is mostly consumed in bars, discos, casinos, and other places of sin. A smoker may beg or steal if he does not have the money to buy cigarettes. He is ill mannered with his friends and family, especially when he misses taking his necessary "dose" at the usual time.

Smoking involves the consumption of an evil substance (khabeeth). It has a foul smell, foul taste and is harmful to the body. This is sufficient to prohibit it, because Allah Ta’ala states (what means):
‘(The Prophet May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him) who will enjoin upon them the doing of what is right, forbid them the doing of what is wrong, make lawful to them the good things of life, prohibit for them the evil things, and lift from them their burdens and the shackles that were (previously) upon them.’
(Al-A’raf 7:157)

A smoker inhales smoke that does not give him any nourishment. This is similar to the action of the people of the Hell fire who eat harmful thorny plants:

No food will be there for them but a poisonous thorny plant, which will neither nourish them nor still their hunger.’
(Al-Ghaashiyah 88:6-7)

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