Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Evils of Smoking part 4

Only few of those addicted to smoking are able to stop it. The reasons for this are many, among which are the following:

(a). The addictive nature of the poisonous substances contained in it.
(b). The smokers are not totally convinced of its prohibition.
(c). They do not have a strong determination to refrain from it.

The following are some suggestions to help a person stop smoking:

1. Rely on Allah sincerely, with full determination not to return to smoking, in compliance with Allah’s command:
‘When you decide on a certain course of action, place your trust in Allah.
(Al-lmran 3:159)

2. Stop immediately instead of claiming it is best to do it gradually. The gradual approach is the way of one who does not trust his determination and the will power that Allah has granted him. Let the example be taken from the Sahabah who, as soon as Allah’s command reached them regarding alcohol: ‘Will you not then desist?’ (Al-Maa’idah 5:91) they immediately poured out all the alcohol that they had and said, "We desist our Lord, we desist!" They did this despite the fact that alcohol has a greater addictive power over those who drink it.

3. Avoid the bad company of smokers and smoking environments that are full with the smell of smoke.

4. Change the food diet by abstaining from foods and drinks that would entice the craving to smoke such as spices, meat, tea, and coffee; and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

5. Use medically tested and established procedures to help stop smoking, as directed by physicians, such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum, etc.

6. Expel the secret whispers of Satan who continuously dictates to the human being that he is weak and incapable of refraining from sinning, as Allah Ta’ala states (what means):
‘It is but Satan who instils (into you) fear of his allies; so do not fear them, but fear Me if you are (truly) believers.’

‘Fight then against the allies of Satan; indeed, Satan’s guile is weak.’

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