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Five Simple Grooming Tips for Muslim Men

Five Simple Grooming Tips for Muslim Men
Easy Ways to be Clean and Stylish

Clothes make the man, but having a clean and well-groomed body under those clothes is also important.
It is not simply enough for a man to wear a thobe or outfit if his hair is greasy and unwashed and his hands are filthy. These four simple and easy grooming tips can help any man make sure he's ready to put on that stylish outfit and go out on the town.

Start at the top – Shampoo and Conditioner

It's a very basic grooming step, but it's also very important. Unwashed or greasy hair is a huge turn-off for women, especially if the hair is long or tangled. Even if the plan is simply to throw a hat on, having unwashed hair can both feel, and smell, unpleasant. Fortunately, many companies  are now making 2 in 1 shampoos and conditioners for men, which will easily take care of this little chore.

Hair should be clean, well-groomed and neatly kept. Said 'Ata ibn Yasar, "Once a man came before the Prophet (peace be upon him) with his hair and beard unkempt. The Prophet (peace be upon him) made some gestures as though ordering the man to comb his hair. He did so, and upon his return, the Prophet (peace be upon him) remarked, 'Is this not better than one of you coming with dishevelled hair, looking like a devil?'" (reported by Malik in Al-Muwatta)

Face Facts – Scrub out Those Pores

Many men don't bother with face scrubs or creams, but both can be very useful and are an essential part of grooming. Face scrubs contain small particles to scrub away dead skin on the face and forehead, and are often recommended prior to shaving, to make the hair easier to remove.

Creams or lotions are also an option, as many men suffer from dry skin. A small amount of lotion in the 'T' zone – the bridge of the nose and forehead – after a shower can make a world of difference once the skin dries again. Properly used and over time, these creams can reduce or eliminate many dry skin issues that men face, either because of natural body chemistry or the kind of work they do.

Facial Hair

Keeping  beards is ofcourse important and the Sunnah, making sure they are well-kept is extremely important. If you wish to trim your moustache/neck hair there are several tips to keep in mind. First, start by moistening the face. This can be done by applying warm water, either by hand, with a warm washcloth or by being in the shower. The advantage to shaving in the shower is that the heat and moisture will open up pores and make the hair softer, and therefore easier, to remove.

Second, apply either shave cream or shave gel. Be sure to apply enough to cover the entire area that is going to be shaved, but there is no need to apply so much that it is dripping off of the face. A light coating is all that is required.

Next, give the shave gel or cream some time to do its work. I f in the shower, this is a good time to clean the rest of the body or scrub the back – but either way, give the gel or cream a few minutes to moisten and soften the skin and hair.

Hands and Nails – Clipping and Cleaning

Two of the commonly missed areas of men's grooming are the hands and nails. Annas (RadiAllaho Ta’ala Anho) relates that the Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam) said, “Do not let forty days elapse without trimming the moustache and pairing the nails”. (Hadeeth taken from Muslim). Many men will condition and style their hair, shave well and then completely disregard their hands, even after a long day of work. Step one is to invest in a decent set of nail clippers. The small clippers which most women use will not do the job here – the larger version is preferable, especially for clipping toenails.

The Sunnah way of cutting the nails is as follows: Start with the right hand. Index finger, fore finger, ring finger and little finger. Then move onto the left hand. This time start with the little finger first, then ring finger, fore finger, index finger the thumb and lastly the thumb of the right hand. (repeat) (ask if the process is understood if not repeat a 3rd time) It is recommended to wash the hands after cutting the nails. The Messenger Sallallahu Alayhi Wasalam showed the following order when clipping his blessed toe nails: Again start with the right foot. Small toe first and proceed until the big toe. Then move onto the left foot. This time you start with the big toe and conclude with the small toe.

Once the nails have been clipped the next step is to clean the hands. A simple soap will do for the bulk of the dirt, but one often-missed area is under a man's nails, even if they are short. Most nail clippers will come with a small tool that can be used to remove any excess dirt under the nails, just be careful not to dig too deeply. Lastly, it can again be worthwhile to apply a small amount of lotion to the hands when coming out of the shower. This will allow the lotion to penetrate the skin while it is moist and will have a longer-lasting effect.

Sense of Smell :-)

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace & Blessings be upon him) said: "The best of perfumes is Musk" (Sahih Muslim) also Anas b. Malik relatesvthat the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:“Women and fragrance have been made dear to my affections, but prayer was made the sweetness of my eyes"

There are so many good quality oils and attars available today, go perfume shopping, take your wife with you... and discover your favourite fragrance!

"(by perfect muslim wife )

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